Mixpo Discrepancies

Published by: David Vasquez , Mansueto Ventures
Published on: December 2, 2013

Hi Team,

Has anyone with DFP had issues regarding high discrepancies when running Mixpo tags? If so, what discrepancies have you seen and have you found a resolution?

Thank you,
David Vasquez


Hi David,

We've traditionally matched very closely with Mixpo in terms of impression and click variance. We run a good bit of Mixpo as well on our site so I'd be interested in checking out the potential causes Clay outlines above. Is it isolated to a certain placement or creative type? It's not the norm that I've seen with them (they are actually some of the lowest we see) so I would reach out to them directly to troubleshoot and see if you can isolate another factor.


Hey David,

Our discrepancies have always been in the 3 to 4% range with Mixpo (both impression and click).

Now, Media Mind...whoa boy... I see anywhere from 5 to 58%!! Completely random...Cache Busters are fine, separate tags for like sized creative...but I still get an odd discrepancy count every so often.

I suspect that the discrepancies I see involve certain CMS's we run a few "niche" sites on (java conflicts, rss scrapers, etc).

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