How to best place your ad inventory in front of advertisers.

Published by: Rob Beeler , AdMonsters, us
Published on: December 20, 2013

I apologize of this questions seems out of context or irrelevant, I am still a new fish in the ever growing online advertising pond. However, after reviewing many of the topics posted on this forum and appreciating the multitude of helpful answers I thought I might give it a try.

As a start up one of the biggest struggles my company is having is exposing our ad inventory to advertisers who are actually looking to advertise. I wanted to know if you all had any suggestions on how to become more visible in the eyes of advertisers.

I appreciate any help you all have to offer.



Hi Jared,

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Hey Jared,

In short you want to connect with brands that are most relevant to the content on your site.

1) Post inventory on the RTB (google) as branded so the brands/trading desks can see what your performance is like.
2) Reach out to agencies - if you have specs they like they will actually take the call
3) A company like mentioned above is a decent option but comes withs its on restraints. Some people choose to do is themselfs others ask a company like us or the one above to do it as the man power to do it with one person is too much. To Optimize a site takes man hours, experience and connections. Make sure whatever you decide to do, you factor both what goes in the ad slot and also where the ad slots go on your site. AB testing location of the as slot has brought our clients higher ROI that relationships with people to put stuff in it.

You want to engineer your ad layout so that, once a brand contacts you you can speak of with confidence that you will be able to hit their KPI's (key performance indicators. Make sure you ask what those are.

Now depending on the vertical and the size of your site there are a few different approaches. Also- feel free to ping me and maybe we can make some intros for you!

Good luck and glad to hear you choose ad ops- its fun!
Head of ad ops

Jared -

My company is a publishers agency that basically represents all of your advertising inventory to ad networks and directly to advertisers and ad agencies. Shoot me an email, I think we could be of assistance.


I understand your predicament. I would suggest reading 'sellercrowd' and start reaching out to agencies who have advertisers that would be endemic to your website. That's what I have done in the past. It takes a lot of outreach but eventually you can break through. I would also suggest using an RTB platform and seeing which agencies/advertisers are buying your inventory and then pick some off for direct sales.

Good Luck!


Hi Jared,

I work with a company called Fivia which has a platform called AdFront. It has many features, and one in particular that helps with advertising inventory reporting.

I would love to chat further about this and learn more about Opinuns Entertainment News.

shoot me an email:


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