eNewsletter Ad Server that Integrates with DSM?

Published by: Steve Pruzinsky ,
Published on: May 21, 2014

Hi All,

We're in the process of prospecting vendors to serve our eNewsletters. Has anyone had any particular success stories or companies they would recommend?

Additionally, has anyone had success integrating an eNewsletter platform with their Sales Management system? Specifically, DSM?

Any and all tips greatly appreciated.



Hello Steve -

Great question - particularly for companies looking to package their email products along with display. Unfortunately, DFP doesn't directly support eNewsletters so utilizing DSM to package email products might require a significant amount of customization.

My company Operative has a number of clients currently serving eNewsletters through a variety of email vendors. I would love to get on the phone to discuss how this is possible as well as to potentially recommend vendors we've seen utilized.

You can email me at info@operative.com if you're interested in continuing this conversation.


Hi Steve

We have integrated our Ad Serving platform AdAppTive into Silverpop, IBM, Adestra, Exact Target, Pure360, Varient4, dotMailer, Mailchimp and a few others. This means you can use your CRM data to target specific ads not only into your own newsletters but millions of others being sent out by other publishers.
You can load you DSM data into AdAppTive and use it to target your message into your eNewsletters, but also into millions of other eNewsletters from trusted publishing brands. So you can target your customers and prospects even if they don't get your Newsletter.
Happy to discuss if you wish.
Red Fox Media.

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