DFP Premium - Mobile video issues (ROS video displaying)

Published by: Karissa Liloc , Disney Interactive Media
Published on: December 2, 2013

Hi all,
We're seeing an issue that may be DFP Premium-related and wanted to reach out to see if anybody else was experiencing the same issue.

When we have a video preroll ad targeted to specific content, we are regularly seeing ROS ad units playing rather than only the targeted ad. The issue seems to be more prevalent with ipads and iphones using earlier IOS versions (less than 7.x). We're seeing consistent, targeted ads in IOS7 as expected.

Any thoughts, experience or feedback would be helpful.
Thank you!
Karissa Liloc
Disney Interactive


Hey Karissa,

Check to see if the Line item affected is a fresh rebuild or a Duplicate of another Line Item.

We have note a great deal of "strange" ad behavior associated with Line Items recycled into different sizes or creatives.


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