DFP Premium Issue - World Wide Roadblocks

Published by: Alec Barclay , Financial Times
Published on: December 5, 2013

If you are running a single day sponsorship or roadblock with DFP Premium, are you sure that it is running all day across the country or world? We have a team in the UK, and I am in NYC. When the UK team traffics a roadblock (GMT), that means that it ends at 11:59 pm GMT, 6:59 pm EST and and 3:59 pm PST.

Under the day part section you can tell the ad server to select "User Time." This only effects the day part, not the flight. In the case above if that was supposed to run on December 5th and trafficked by a UK trafficker, a user in California will see the ad beginning at 4:00pm on 12/4 through 3:59pm on 12/5.

If you want everyone in the world to see the ad on December 5th from 12am through 11:59pm, locally, start the campaign on December 4th at 00:00 and end it on December 6th at 23:59. Then day part it to Thursday and select "User's Time Zone."

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