Click discrepancy with mediamind tags

Published by: Soo Jin Oh , Magnetic Media, us
Published on: January 3, 2013

Anyone experiencing high click discrepancy with mediamind tags? We have several campaigns running with mediamind (as a publisher) and we're seeing click discrepancies of 50%+ where we are reporting less than client. Impressions are seeing nominal disc but it's just the clicks. We've tested this on various ad servers and seeing the issue across the board. Wondering if anyone is experiencing the same and/or heard of any resolutions.

Appreciate your attention and help.


Max & Soo Jin,

I came across this post and was curious if either one of you had any updates from MediaMind for high discrepancies. I realize you are talking about clicks, but we've been seeing impression discrepancies with MediaMind in the 40-50% range. I did have a tier 2 support engineer from MediaMind tell me that they count an impression at the point the ad is called, which may account for some discrepancy issues, depending on how your ad server records an impression.

If you have any updates or news from MediaMind that you can share or contact me about, I would sincerely appreciate it. We are a publisher and I have been trying to diagnose discrepancy issues with MediaMind for several months now.



Hi Soo Jin,
We've had the same problem, it's a known issue, especially with CPC campaigns.

The solution/ work around we've managed is to host creative on our adserver and track MediaMind Click-trackers and impression pixels. When we do this it lowers discrepancy to +/- 1-2%.


Max, thank you for commenting and sharing the fact that we're not alone in this problem. We have escalated to various levels on mediamind side (tier 1, 2 and now the R&D team). Do you mind emailing me at I'd love to share intel and hopefully help each other in this process.

Hey Soo Jin - we have also been seeing similar sized click discrepancies on our MediaMind campaigns (50% to 60%)

We've been in continued talks with the AppNexus and MediaMind Support Teams and they are working on designing some controlled tests to determine where the breakdown is occurring, but there's very slow progress on that front.

As a workaround, we have been running the static backup creative for a number of our clients, and we've found that the click discrepancy is much lower, and that our CTRs are actually higher. Just a suggestion. :)

Definitely let me know if you find out anything else on this front.


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