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December 15, 2010 career staffing Phil Haslehurst

Ad Ops Career ChallengesGood ad ops people are always employable. 

It’s one of the first things we tell our new consultants when they start work with us.  If you happen upon an ad ops person who’s looking for a new job, drop everything and make sure you talk to them.

With such demand for these candidates, it’s a little counter-intuitive to think that it can actually be a real challenge for ad ops professionals to find the right next step when they’re in the job hunt. 
And yet that’s the reality in the market – in our experience at least.

When an ad ops person dips a toe into the job market, what are their experiences and challenges?  And how can they overcome them?

First of all, let’s reiterate – this is a candidate-starved marketplace.  That is a challenge in itself. As a job hunter, finding yourself faced with a plethora of opportunities can often be even more difficult than having just one or two options.  After all, it can be difficult to get down to the truth about which...


I know! Not all beacons/pixels/cookies (oh my!) are used to bilk dollars from Premium Publishers via an audience driven model. There are analytics tools that can help provide insight into traffic patterns, measurement of user frequency and in the end make a greater and more enjoyable user experience for the visitor. It is hard for a Publisher to know whether to implement pixels from 4th parties on their site or not. Everyone is trying to measure the risk against the gain.

Having control over scripts, pixels and beacons on your pages is not only a Publishers duty to their readers, but a step forward in maximizing revenue. A publisher accepting that they may have given out too many keys to their kingdom is something that must be acknowledged. While some keys are worth giving, knowing who to give them to is the key question at hand (tick tock). So what is a Publisher to do?

Look to Ops, of course!
Here are some tools that can be used to collect data on your site (or the web) and...

AdMonsters Sydney DinnerEditor's note: This post originally appeared on Scott Savage's blog.

AdMonsters held their first event in Australia this week, with a members dinner at the Waterfront restaurant in Sydney. The 3 course meal was very generously provided by aiMatch on a perfect summer’s night right next to the harbour.

The event was attended by around 25 people, which made for an intimate yet comprehensive representation of the major Australian advertising operations teams. Ninemsn, Carsales, REA Group, APN, CBS InteractiveYouTube,...

December 8, 2010 mobile Sean Dillon

Editor's note: This post was provided by Seán Dillon from his blog: Adtools.

The Problem:
Your company is developing an app that will utilise your adserver to deliver and render ads. How do you ensure that the app is calling the right ads and then later when it’s in use by your users how do you check problems with adcalls into that app without recourse to httpWatch, FireBug etc….

On the desktop I have access to numerous tools that help me understand and debug what my adserver is doing. Tools such as httpWatch, httpFox, Fiddler2, Charles, HTTPScoop and FireBug. These tools intercept HTTP traffic and allow you to analyse, check and view the response from the remote adserver. I use this extensively to test response times, debug connectivity & delivery issues, view mimetypes & cookie data amongst other tasks. Once you’ve used these tools it’s difficult to understand how you’ve managed so long without them… that is until you start delivering ads outside of your desktop environment where these tools no...

Not syndicating your online video content yet? You’re missing out. You’ve already done the hard part—publishing compelling video. Now comes the fun part: spreading its reach far and wide across the Web—and monetizing it every step of the way.

The fact is, publishers already want to make your video part of their sites. In a recent State of the Online Video Industry Report prepared by Adap.tv and DM2Pro, publishers cited access to more video inventory as the single most important factor that would influence them to sell more video ads. In other words: the more video they offer, the more ads they can sell against it. Meanwhile, they can also draw more traffic: more visitors, longer time on site, higher virality—all their favorite metrics go up, and so do the ad rates they can command.



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