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OpenRTBRecently there was an announcement introducing OpenRTB, which is a consortium made up of both demand and supply side providers. The goal of the consortium is to create less friction in an marketplace that is only becoming more and more complex. Part of that initiative includes proposing a set of standards which will allow systems to more easily integrate with each other. You can find the press release, links to relevant news articles, and the link to the standards page on our OpenRTB topic page. Last week, AdMonsters featured a blog post from Ben Trenda of the Rubicon Project, who is a partner in the initiative.

Ben Trenda of the Rubicon Project:
“There are many benefits to the OpenRTB Consortium for publishers. Minimizing friction and improving communication between technology platforms will simply bring additional...

December 28, 2010 staffing Phil Haslehurst

Ad Ops work balanceMy last AdMonsters blog post was about the key challenges that face ad ops professionals looking progress their careers.

It seems appropriate as a follow up to look at this from another angle – what are the challenges that face employers looking to maintain, and grow their ad ops teams?

I made the point in my last post that candidates with ad ops experience are highly employable. Not only are they extremely rare in the job market due to their overall scarcity, but they are also in near-constant demand from employers.

It’s this tension between supply and demand that lies behind some major challenges that employers face right now if they run an ad ops team.

In a candidate-starved marketplace it’s a major...

OpenRTBAs much of the industry knows by now, we were honored to announce our participation in the newly formed OpenRTB Consortium earlier this month. With more and more publishers looking to real-time bidding (RTB) as a key source of demand for their inventory, it’s critical to have the right standards in place to minimize friction between the buy and sell sides.  As one of the top 2 sources for real-time biddable inventory in the online advertising ecosystem, we’re focused on building solutions to empower publishers to address the opportunities and challenges posed by programmatic buying, as opposed to reinventing the integration wheel with each new real-time demand source we bring into the REVV Marketplace.
The reality is that the ecosystem is only going to get more complex. Without basic standards in place, all players in the industry will be wasting time and resources working on what is...

Network Ad Ops ForumLast Thursday my talk on Bootstrapping Your AdServer provoked hems and haws at the AdMonsters Network Forum (Dec 9th, 2010) in New York City. My intention was to provide a bit of insight to the challenges that publishers encounter on a regular basis; especially those in the midst of a growth spurt. However, I think it was taken to be an indictment of the contemporary ad network.

Like the OEM ad server, ad networks serve a diverse clientele in terms of both volume and genre. They intend to meet all the needs of most publishers and at least some of the needs of larger publishers. Indeed, they have a place in the revenue stream of almost every ad-supported website in existence. My aim was to arouse a sense of independence in publishers and to remind them that developing a fantastic product should be...

December 15, 2010 career staffing Phil Haslehurst

Ad Ops Career ChallengesGood ad ops people are always employable. 

It’s one of the first things we tell our new consultants when they start work with us.  If you happen upon an ad ops person who’s looking for a new job, drop everything and make sure you talk to them.

With such demand for these candidates, it’s a little counter-intuitive to think that it can actually be a real challenge for ad ops professionals to find the right next step when they’re in the job hunt. 
And yet that’s the reality in the market – in our experience at least.

When an ad ops person dips a toe into the job market, what are their experiences and challenges?  And how can they overcome them?

First of all, let’s reiterate – this is a candidate-starved marketplace.  That is a challenge in itself. As a job hunter, finding yourself faced with a plethora of opportunities can often be even more difficult than having just one or two options.  After all, it can be difficult to get down to the truth about which...

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