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When I was invited to attend the amazing MaiTai event in Cabarete, Dominican Republic (serious #humblebrag going on right there), the organizers of the event established that Voxer would be the communication platform of choice for all the attendees. Very quickly the group started “voxing,” illuminating the potential of this app: people were leaving voice messages, texts and photos. 

Information about the event was delivered as needed and questions answered in close to real time. From kiting weather reports to random queries like “Has anyone seen my eye patch?”, people were able to communicate to the group and at the same time not be overwhelmed with the volume. Very cool.

Voxer could be a very useful tool for communicating with an ad operations team. Instead of having to interrupt everyone with conference calls, I can vox out my message (text or voice depending on what...

I recently participated in a panel at AdMonster’s OPS TV discussing the future of cross platform measurement with Nielsen, TubeMogul, and Magna Global. We covered a lot of ground during our conversation, from addressing how to get digital measurement out of the toddler years to the need for content becoming a part of every ad conversation. However, there was one particularly interesting side topic that I would have loved to spend more time on. Janice Finkel-Greene from Magna Global, a division of Interpublic Group (IPG) that manages forecasts, insights and negotiations, said something very important. Her statement was effectively that this industry is driven by salespeople and desperately in need of more technologists.  

As she stated for this article, “the difference between PowerPivot [Microsoft Excel data capability] and PowerPoint is the difference between Science and Science Fiction.” The pivot table that gleans real conclusions from data is far different than the conceptual bullet points on a slide, and we have too much of the latter...

We kick off today's OPS by celebrating five years of Rob Beeler as AdMonsters' content czar and chief emcee. Here's to five more, buddy!

But onto the meat – Derek Metz of Acceleration details early results from our Publisher Maturity Index survey – it's not too late to add your insight into the process. But here are the interesting figures from what we have so far:

The Good:

  • 74% of publishers are in the programmatic pool.
  • 49% are employing audience extension
  • 52% dig some third-party data
  • 64% use audience-based targeting

The Bad:

  • 56% rated their ad tech ROI 4+ out of a...
September 26, 2013 admonsters Rob Beeler Rob Beeler

Five years ago at our Publisher Forum in Boulder, I heard people chanting. And by people I mean Canadians. Several of them. While a certain amount of singing and dancing is expected at AdMonsters events, I had not encountered this before.

And the thing is, they weren’t chanting “Ad-Monsters, Ad-Monsters, Ad-Monsters”... they were chanting “Ad-Beeler, Ad-Beeler, Ad-Beeler”. My very own AdMonsters brand was being repurposed by one of our attendees – or, more accurately, fans of one of our attendees. 

If you’ve ever struggled to find the right someone who just gets what you’re doing, having one of your customers become your brand is a good clue that your search has ended. I decided right then that if I ever had the opportunity, I would try to convince this “AdBeeler” guy to join the AdMonsters team. As it happened, I was able to break the circle of Canadians long enough to make my pitch, and a few weeks later he joined the company. 

Since then, Rob has been largely responsible for the...

Ad tech aficianado Volker Ballueder recently recapped our latest European Publisher Forum from his point of view. Here's what he had to say on some of the conference's burning issues and hot topics, including why innovation may be a competitive publisher's saving grace.

Over the past few months I have had the privilege to put the programme together for a part of the industry that was new to me. A steep learning curve for someone working mainly on the demand side, I chaired the programme of the European Publisher Forum in Berlin.

So what is the supply side like? Is it more traditional, slower to adopt and generally speaking behind the curve as most industry folk would suggest? I don’t think so. Publishers are increasingly innovating.


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