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“What’s up with my fill rate? Why are the video ads loading so slow?”

Those are the two questions publishers really don’t want to be asking themselves when it comes to digital video – especially if they’re dabbling in programmatic waters.

High-value video inventory is the moneymaker of the moment for publishers as supply is barely keeping up with advertisers’ feverish demand. In addition to expanded content creation efforts, publishers are exploring video syndication as a path to drive even more revenue out of this channel.

So a low fill rate when demand is so high borders on inconceivable, and latency issues have the potential to drive away both consumers and advertisers.

Programmatic? Programmatic!

But wait, Gavin, the big-time video publishers interject. Why would we bother with programmatic when we regularly and handily sell out our video inventory through direct sales teams? 

Well, that sounds lovely for you big-time video publishers, but not...

With the swift and continuing evolution of ad operations, the challenges publishers face when evaluating their capabilities abound. Informed decisions on how and where to invest time, money, resources and manpower are often overshadowed by 'gut-feeling' decisions as publishers feel the pressure to maintain a competitive stride.

The Publisher Maturity Index – a collaboration between AdMonsters and Acceleration – seeks to take the uncertainty out of ad ops management and investment by providing the first-ever quantitative overview of publisher operations and technologies. Publishers can take a brief 10-minute survey, from which we are compiling datapoints and measurements on several workplace elements, including staffing levels, sell-thru, technology use and adoption, and other common issues. 

We introduced the ...

In today's labyrinth ad operations world, it can be hard at times to gauge your company's efficiency and effectiveness in the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising. AdMonsters, in conjunction with Acceleration, seeks to unmask key data points surrounding the operations of online publishing organizations with the Publisher Maturity Index. With the PMI, digital ad leaders can gain a leg up and evaluating their companies' own efficiency by comparing their organizations' technologies and processes to those of their peers. 

Bowen Dwelle, AdMonsters Founder and CEO, said “AdMonsters is committed to serving the digital operations, media and ad technology community. Qualitative peer benchmarking has always been a key part of the AdMonsters experience. With this survey, members of the AdMonsters community will now be able to refine their understanding of how they compare to their peers with...

December 2, 2013 Joshua R. Weaver

Today marks the first real snowfall here in New York. And, as the wintry white blankets the city, it can only mean one thing – the season for cheer and revelry is finally upon us. AdMonsters' philosophy runs on community; and, we're lucky to have the most loyal, outspoken and informed lot of peers in the industry.

In the spirit of the holidays, join Rob, Bowen and the AdMonsters team at Ward III in Tribeca on Wednesday, Dec. 18 in New York for a few drinks and merriment. We'll be kicking things off at 6 p.m. Come by for a drink on us, some nibbles and a few laughs as we bid farewell to 2013. Feel free to just pop in or RSVP on Facebook to give us a heads up. See you there!

November 27, 2013 botnet fraud malware Gavin Dunaway

By Zeus, I declare this holiday Botsgiving!

Although bots have long been a menace to digital media (remember click fraud?), bot fever has been spreading like wildfire across the industry this year, probably in response to some dire statistics. The latest, from Integral Ad Science, suggests 14% of all impressions out there are fraudulent, and the company admits the number may be conservative. Estimates of wasted spend vary, but it’s definitely billions of dollars yearly.

But aren’t you curious about how bots accomplish this feat? After all, as ops pros, we’re always concerned with “how the sausage is made” – so how do bots go about their menacing ways?

Through a...

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