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The Latest AdMonsters Digital Media Leadership Award Winners

Sunday evening during the opening reception of our Publisher Forum conference in Scottsdale, we announced the latest recipients of the Digital Media Leadership Award.

As you may recall, we created the Digital Media Leadership Awards earlier this year. Winners are chosen based on their career trajectories, department successes under their leadership and their general strides in taking ad operations to the next level of importance within an organization. 

As our own Rob Beeler said while handing out the awards, “The winners we honor tonight inspire others with their personal achievements, while offering keen insight on the present and future state of ad operations.” They certainly do.

Please join us in congratulating 2013's Q4 AdMonsters Digital Media Leadership Awards honorees:

  • Heather Keltz, Executive Director, Ad Systems and Operations, The New York Times Digital
  • Jeff Mayo, VP of Sales...

We're officially live from sunny Scottsdale, where the air is dry, the palmtrees are towering and, most importantly, where it's 2,000 miles from the impending Arctic front heading for the Northeast. But, don't fret if you couldn't join us in sunsoaked Arizona, we'll be coming at you live over the next few days with much of the discussion, debate and thoughts from our 31st Publisher Forum

Monday, 11 November 2013: 

First up, Technorati's Executive Chairman Richard Jalichandra offers a holistic look at the development of digital advertising during today's morning keynote,...

At its San Francisco summit earlier this year, AppNexus used a slide chock full of poker chips to announce the technology platform was going "all in" on mobile. A gambling reference was an interesting choice – in the hazy world of mobile monetization is programmatic (namely RTB-driven) trading a good bet?

The smart money is leaning toward yes, but the bet is more complicated than just laying all your chips on the table. AppNexus announced the general availability of mobile buying on its platform, but that’s only one of several moves the company detailed at its most recent summit this week in New York.

Rather than the “year of mobile,” I’d argue 2013 has been the year of looming Mobegeddon (h/t Zemanta President Todd Sawicki). Publishers are seeing sharp spikes in mobile traffic cut into desktop; on...

Some premium publishers are likely reading the latest batch of hysterical articles describing the scourge of botnet traffic on digital advertising and thinking, "Tough cookies."

Which isn't a bad way to put it – media buyers' obsession with chasing cookies and buying the cheapest inventory available through RTB-powered exchanges has created a great deal of turbulence across the digital mediascape. Certainly the endless cookie hunt has driven innovation (e.g., private exchanges, data management), but the havoc wrought is becoming increasingly visible. Botnets are gobbling up high-value cookies, then luring exchange and network buyers to propped-up sites to purchase impressions seen by no one.

The slew of recent high-profile articles have focused mainly on how advertisers are...

It’s a weird time for the cookie. Villainized by privacy advocates and the media, the itty bitty sticky bits of data seem to be more popular than ever when it comes to digital ad targeting and tracking.

Publishers are increasingly meeting cookie-obsessed advertisers on the programmatic playing field via private exchanges, themselves fueled by DealIDs. Advertisers are joining them there as public exchanges are plagued by scab sites propped up via botnet traffic. Advertisers also want to push their audience data into their video spend, and publishers are enabling private exchanges in this channel as well.

For publishers, the value of matching third-party data to cookies is...

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