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Ad tech aficianado Volker Ballueder recently recapped our latest European Publisher Forum from his point of view. Here's what he had to say on some of the conference's burning issues and hot topics, including why innovation may be a competitive publisher's saving grace.

Over the past few months I have had the privilege to put the programme together for a part of the industry that was new to me. A steep learning curve for someone working mainly on the demand side, I chaired the programme of the European Publisher Forum in Berlin.

So what is the supply side like? Is it more traditional, slower to adopt and generally speaking behind the curve as most industry folk would suggest? I don’t think so. Publishers are increasingly innovating.


I’d like to say it’s feeling like fall in New York, but no, heat and humidity still assail us in early September, turning the Big Apple into a concrete sweat lodge. Hopefully the weather changes course before Sept. 26, with crisp autumn weather signaling the arrival of AdMonsters’ flagship one-day event, OPS – it’d be great to capitalize on that whole “change is in the air” vibe.

But wait, Gavin – isn’t digital media and advertising constantly in flux? Yeah, yeah, I know that argument, but I don’t buy it – I’d suggest development in digital advertising comes in spits and rushes. Spits when some new technology or process (think RTB four years ago) comes on the scene and digital strategists attempt to figure out where it fits (if at all) in current operations. 

This last year, however, was more of a rush – while native was arguably in a more conceptual phase last year, use of the term and related practices have spread like...

September 19, 2013 mobile native video Gavin Dunaway

Aw damn – even AdMonsters is embracing the listicle. But we've got a good excuse: Advertising Week celebrates its 10th anniversary of unleashing the marketing hordes on the Big Apple. The official guide to Ad Week is 263 pages long (warning: it's full of ads) and the mobile app is a labyrinthine affair. But I selflessly treaded through the maze of Advertising Week sessions to find the stuff I knew would most appeal to Monsters. This does not include Charles Barkley or Kris Jenner.

You're not an easy group to curate for – I decided to bypass all the "storytelling" sessions in favor of slots...

This interview was republished, courtesy of Xcede.

Peter Yardley-Jones is the current Head of Advertising Operations for zeebox in the United Kingdom. Here's what he had to say on the future of second-screen, market changes, and just what it means to jump into a career in ad-ops. 

From your professional opinion as Head of Ad Ops, how would you then personally like to define your market? 

I feel that’s the million-pound question and something that anyone in Ad Ops might still be trying to work out. Every job I’ve done in Ad Ops has been different – that’s what makes it such a great field to work in and develop. The way that I would personally define Ad Ops is a team or person who fulfills the campaign. The rest of my answer will be swayed towards publisher side, as that’s where all of my experience has been. Some companies will be more...

As increasing spend flows through programmatic channels, the private exchange concept is considered a boon to both buyers and sellers through enhanced trading controls and inventory transparency. In particular, it’s a convenient way for publishers to better monetize inventory headed to programmatic channels while meeting and exceeding the demands of their top advertisers.

Download the AdMonsters Private Exchange Playbook

The good news is the plethora of nuances in the world of private exchanges ensure there’s no wrong way to implement a private exchange – the phrase “different strokes for different folks” has never been truer. The bad news? Well, it’s another complex landscape withinan already labyrinthine ecosystem. To understand which approach is (or approaches are) optimal for your organization requires a base level of knowledge about the elements and workings of a private exchange, something we aim to provide in our Private Exchange Playbook, sponsored by...

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