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November 27, 2013 botnet fraud malware Gavin Dunaway

By Zeus, I declare this holiday Botsgiving!

Although bots have long been a menace to digital media (remember click fraud?), bot fever has been spreading like wildfire across the industry this year, probably in response to some dire statistics. The latest, from Integral Ad Science, suggests 14% of all impressions out there are fraudulent, and the company admits the number may be conservative. Estimates of wasted spend vary, but it’s definitely billions of dollars yearly.

But aren’t you curious about how bots accomplish this feat? After all, as ops pros, we’re always concerned with “how the sausage is made” – so how do bots go about their menacing ways?

Through a...

Image from a sponsored Industry Panel session at this year's London Screens.

Last week I chaired my last AdMonsters conference for now. It was the conference looking at the second screen, omni-screen attribution, and the multi-channel aspect of advertising.

Luckily, I had a second moderator too, so the day was a little less stressful compared to previous conferences. Below you find my key take aways from the day:

Twitter had a presentation, and I am often wondering how they will make money, particularly that they are now a public-limited company. But they started to connect TV and social, the public conversation, through a little hashtag. The conversations around a product, a TV show or a topic can be scaled and brands or advertisers can engage and get communicating. Actually, this is a great way of utilising the second screen to TV, the mobile, from which 82% of all tweets are sent.

Often, I wonder what we did in the time before Twitter. I...

November 18, 2013 mobile Gavin Dunaway

I was honored to head a panel at the Street Fight Summit a few weeks ago, and I’m not finding it too awkward to watch myself on the video now. The topic was a doozy – basically how do you use measurement to justify the value of location-based digital marketing? Sure, location-based couponing tends to end in a recorded conversion, but is couponing the be all and end all of this channel?

My panelists – Duncan McCall, CEO of PlaceIQ; Lee Karchawer, National Sales Manager at Placecast; and Carolyn Eckhaus, Head of Data Management & Analytics for MapQuest – had good reason to disagree and made a strong case for location-enabled tools being used to connect online and offline behavior.


The Latest AdMonsters Digital Media Leadership Award Winners

Sunday evening during the opening reception of our Publisher Forum conference in Scottsdale, we announced the latest recipients of the Digital Media Leadership Award.

As you may recall, we created the Digital Media Leadership Awards earlier this year. Winners are chosen based on their career trajectories, department successes under their leadership and their general strides in taking ad operations to the next level of importance within an organization. 

As our own Rob Beeler said while handing out the awards, “The winners we honor tonight inspire others with their personal achievements, while offering keen insight on the present and future state of ad operations.” They certainly do.

Please join us in congratulating 2013's Q4 AdMonsters Digital Media Leadership Awards honorees:

  • Heather Keltz, Executive Director, Ad Systems and Operations, The New York Times Digital
  • Jeff Mayo, VP of Sales...

We're officially live from sunny Scottsdale, where the air is dry, the palmtrees are towering and, most importantly, where it's 2,000 miles from the impending Arctic front heading for the Northeast. But, don't fret if you couldn't join us in sunsoaked Arizona, we'll be coming at you live over the next few days with much of the discussion, debate and thoughts from our 31st Publisher Forum

Monday, 11 November 2013: 

First up, Technorati's Executive Chairman Richard Jalichandra offers a holistic look at the development of digital advertising during today's morning keynote,...

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