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June 8, 2012 turn Gautam Srivastava

This industry of ours does not just lend itself to creativity and innovation – it craves it. This is our very lifeblood and it’s what makes digital the most fast paced, innovative and ultimately lucrative side of the advertising industry.

But when looking for creativity and innovation far too often we’ve been guilty of looking to one another, what are our competitors doing – how could we do it better? That’s great – let’s put a clock on it.

That’s all set to change though thanks to Turn.

You and I may know Turn; their innovative end-to-end management platform and targeting technology are real viable alternatives to Google’s array of products in the ad tech sector.

Turn already enjoy a huge footprint in the US and are expanding across Europe – but you speak to your average media buyer and they couldn’t relay this information back to you, let alone tell you the key players in the ad tech marketplace.

Paul Alfieri, Turn Vice President, Global...

'Data' has become a huge talking point in display advertising in the UK and Europe. Weborama's move to acquire Datvantage speaks to the growing importance of data in an increasingly automated world. AdMonsters caught up with Alain Levy, CEO of Weborama, and Mathieu Roche, MD of Weborama UK, to discuss the importance and implications of the acquisition. We'll be talking more about data at the upcoming AdMonsters Publisher Forum in Vienna, featuring a session by Rob Brett on how publishers can drive data value!

Why has Weborama picked up Datvantage - what benefits will the industry see from this?...
June 5, 2012 Gavin Dunaway

AdMonsters' upcoming OPS TV event, July 11 in NYC, is not about the convergence of TV and digital video, but instead an examination of the growing overlap between the two channels. Signaling this increasinly convoluted relationship was Adap.tv's 2012 First Quarter State of the Online Video Industry Report, which found that 48% of marketers and angencies are currently buying TV and digital video together and 73% plan to in the next 12 months.

We caught up with Teg Grenager, Cofounder and Vice President of Product for Adap.tv (an OPS TV sponsor), to get his thoughts on the key takeaways from the aforementioned report, the growth of video RTB, video metrics and the new App Center offering for marketers and publishers.


June 4, 2012 Maria Tucker

Above is a clip from the OPS Markets NY keynote of JT Batson of Mediaocean remarking on the fluidity of TV buying and selling systems. Batson learned a great deal about these at Donovan Data Systems before that company merged with MediaBank to form Mediaocean in April.

The fluidity of direct sales isn't carried over to digital advertising world, where new techologies constantly give rise to new sets of data that need to be managed, and new touchpoints to do so. But this isn't the first time TV has made the shift to deal with new media, something we'll discuss in more detail at OPS TV.

The digital advertising field faces two major challenges to establishing its own fluidity: a lack of business and technology standards and its inherent, emergent complexity. These two challenges must be surmounted to smoothy link buy- and sell-side operations.


The shockwaves reverberated around the digital advertising industry fast and hard – included in Microsoft’s just-released Windows 8 upgrade is Internet Explorer 10, which not only features Do Not Track functionality but is also the first browser with “on” as the default setting.

Oh yes, even Google agreed a few months ago to include DNT in Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox was the first of the biggie browsers to introduce the tool, but Microsoft is breaking into new territory by setting the switch to “on” from the get-go. IE10 browsers will actually have to opt out of DNT. 

How it works – when hitting a site, a browser with DNT engaged will send an HTTP call to the publisher, which will acknowledge the setting and prevent (most) cookies...

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