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May 11, 2012 Gavin Dunaway

As its most basic state, pluralism is the state of being plural – it typically represents a diversity of views and/or methods to achieving a goal. Nowhere would that seem to fit better than the digital advertising space, and the title of digital pluralist also seems fitting for Andrew Walmsley, who cofounded UK digital media agency i-level back in 1999.

At OPS London on May 15 (SOON!), Andrew will pontificate on dynamic creative, a topic he's knowledgable on as an advisory board member for dynamic creative specialist Cognitive Match. We've profiled the company before and it recently added two new products to its dynamic...

May 10, 2012 DNT w3c Gavin Dunaway

“Originally there were five different versions of the definition of ‘Do Not Track,” commented Aleecia McDonald, Cochair of the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Tracking Protection Working Group (as well as a representative of Mozilla and a member and a fellow at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society) at AdMonsters recent DNT meetup in NYC. “Now we’re down to two, but while they’re not diametrically opposed, they’re pretty far apart.”

Developing the standards for a DNT mechanism as well as guidelines around compliance and scope could not have been seen as a slam dunk assignment, but W3C, known for its excellence with technical standards...

It feels as if data management platforms have crossed threshold from "handy tool, nice if you can afford it" to "must-have-now" for both media sellers and buyers. The platforms were quite the talk of OPS Markets in NYC last month, where questions about what to do with the data pileup were debated from the top of the day. The event featured not one but two Focus On sessions devoted to the topic: Paul Dolan, North American Managing Director for Xaxis, discussed the idea of affinity tiers for breaking up marketer audiences while Vikram Somaya, Vice President of Global Operations and Audience for Thomson Reuters, detailed building a DMP in-house that stretched across all aspects of the publisher's business.

All kinds of companies are boarding the DMP train, including consumer data aggregation and marketing companies like V12 Group, which recently named...

Do you hear that sound? If you listen closely, you can hear dry erasers swiping whiteboards in conference rooms all over the globe. In each one, a digital tech company’s CEO and CMO are trying to push their ‘unique’ proposition to the advertising landscape by condensing its title into a three-letter acronym. 

It seems to be a rule within our industry that no tech can take off without a flashy acronym accompanying it. Why is that? Because as digital advertising grows more complex, more people need to be able to sound intelligent when speaking about the operationally driven marketplace that’s evolving. Being able to speak intelligently and truly understanding how the marketplace works however are two different things. If you are a leader in your company, are you ready for the operationally driven marketplace?

What Does an Operationally-Driven Marketplace Look Like?

Countless studies have shown that people are consuming more and more media through the web and through mobile...

In light of the big “day of action” by Occupy Wall Street last Tuesday, I thought it was an appropriate time to talk about a common theme of the protests: jobs. Over and over again we hear the chants of “jobs for the 99%.”

However, the positions of the protesters stand in stark contrast to the reality that my company and many ad tech start-ups face in NYC every day – too many jobs and not enough great people to fill them.

Currently at eXelate we have over 10 positions that have been challenging to fill at various levels of experience. And in speaking with colleagues at other start-ups, they are experiencing the same issue. Meanwhile, recruiters are raking in the dough hand over fist to squeeze round pegs into square holes, while young, smart people are marching for more opportunity. Where is the disconnect?

I don’t profess to be an economist (though I did play one on TV), but in my opinion, the real factors that are making it hard to find folks to fill key tech roles...

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