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December 13, 2013 privacy Gavin Dunaway

If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, you really should pore through all of this Washington Post investigative piece on the National Security Administration’s tracking through Internet cookies and device identifiers. Namely, the agency has been using some of digital media’s favorite tools to track and target suspects; in addition, it’s been raking in location data shared by mobile apps during ad calls.

As a digital revenue specialist, you may not find it shocking – indeed, it might just confirm your suspicions. But here’s the chief takeaway: “The revelation that the NSA is piggybacking on these commercial technologies could shift that debate, handing privacy advocates a new argument for reining in commercial surveillance.”

Since the initial Snowden leaks began to show the breadth of the NSA’s digital surveillance, all of us in the ecosystem have pondered what...

The 2013 edition of the AdMonsters Salary Survey is here! The survey explores over 30 data points on ad operations roles within publishers, agencies, networks and solutions companies from over 310 respondents around the world, and provides data on salaries by position, seniority, geographic area, number of reports, as well as historical trends and other key findings. 

The 2013 AdMonsters Salary Survey is required reading for ad ops practitioners, leaders, hiring managers, recruiters and anyone else interested in the state of OPS in 2013. In this year’s report, you’ll discover what drives salary increases and what doesn’t, which year is the critical year to recognize and incentivise employees to stay, base and total salary information by regions and much more. 

The full Salary Survey report is available for free to all paid AdMonsters Members. If you’re not yet a member, consider joining today to get access to all of our premium content throughout the year (including this survey and others), conference content...

“What’s up with my fill rate? Why are the video ads loading so slow?”

Those are the two questions publishers really don’t want to be asking themselves when it comes to digital video – especially if they’re dabbling in programmatic waters.

High-value video inventory is the moneymaker of the moment for publishers as supply is barely keeping up with advertisers’ feverish demand. In addition to expanded content creation efforts, publishers are exploring video syndication as a path to drive even more revenue out of this channel.

So a low fill rate when demand is so high borders on inconceivable, and latency issues have the potential to drive away both consumers and advertisers.

Programmatic? Programmatic!

But wait, Gavin, the big-time video publishers interject. Why would we bother with programmatic when we regularly and handily sell out our video inventory through direct sales teams? 

Well, that sounds lovely for you big-time video publishers, but not...

With the swift and continuing evolution of ad operations, the challenges publishers face when evaluating their capabilities abound. Informed decisions on how and where to invest time, money, resources and manpower are often overshadowed by 'gut-feeling' decisions as publishers feel the pressure to maintain a competitive stride.

The Publisher Maturity Index – a collaboration between AdMonsters and Acceleration – seeks to take the uncertainty out of ad ops management and investment by providing the first-ever quantitative overview of publisher operations and technologies. Publishers can take a brief 10-minute survey, from which we are compiling datapoints and measurements on several workplace elements, including staffing levels, sell-thru, technology use and adoption, and other common issues. 

We introduced the ...

In today's labyrinth ad operations world, it can be hard at times to gauge your company's efficiency and effectiveness in the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising. AdMonsters, in conjunction with Acceleration, seeks to unmask key data points surrounding the operations of online publishing organizations with the Publisher Maturity Index. With the PMI, digital ad leaders can gain a leg up and evaluating their companies' own efficiency by comparing their organizations' technologies and processes to those of their peers. 

Bowen Dwelle, AdMonsters Founder and CEO, said “AdMonsters is committed to serving the digital operations, media and ad technology community. Qualitative peer benchmarking has always been a key part of the AdMonsters experience. With this survey, members of the AdMonsters community will now be able to refine their understanding of how they compare to their peers with...

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