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Ad Operations should be included in product developmentAt many publishers there is a distinct line between the Product team and Ad Operations team. Product is focused on developing cutting edge, revenue generating formats that are desirable by agencies and advertisers, while AdOps is focused on executing timely, high quality campaigns. While the skill sets required of these teams may differ, there are multiple near-term and long-term advantages of “blurring the lines” between teams in the product development lifecycle. AdOps professionals bring a unique perspective to the development process and can be instrumental in the creation of highly effective, usable products. Here are some of the benefits:


  1. Quicker time to market – Involving AdOps personnel early and often in the product development lifecycle can reduce a lot of pre-launch issues that often hold up a launch. AdOps may find issues that, if caught early, can reduce the amount of coding required to resolve the problem. Campaign managers...
July 14, 2010 process Rob Beeler

Rob Beeler, AdMonstersA few weeks ago, DM2PRO.com, in collaboration with Operative, asked AdMonsters to help reach out to our community of ad ops professionals to complete a survey on the issues facing Ad Operations. Mike Leo and Lorne Brown from Operative presented the results of that survey at DPAC a couple of weeks ago. The link to the full presentation is here and you can even watch the video. Mike and Lorne provided some great insight and...

Watch Professor David Crystal's keynote presentation from the EU Publisher Forum in Barcelona, Spain:

June 29, 2010 Rob Beeler

Ed Montes to give keynote at OPS USEdward Montes will be presenting a keynote address When will Online Advertising Evolve? at OPS US in New York on September 30, 2010. In advance of the event we talked him a few questions about the evolution of online advertising.

Q: Please tell us a bit about what you are doing in your current role with Havas Digital.

A: As North American Managing Director I run all of Havas Digital's North American operations which includes Media Contacts, Mobext, AIS, Artemis, Adnetik and Innova.

Q: I'm sure you will elaborate in your presentation but can you briefly talk about how you think the industry has "failed to evolve?"

A: Sure, I will dive into this deeper during my keynote but my general feeling is that the industry has missed on attribution.  I think we have distorted what matters to marketers and brands. We have operated with blinders on as...

June 23, 2010 data Rob Beeler

Sacha Berlik will give the keynote at EU Network Ad Ops ForumIn advance of the EU Network Ops Forum we asked keynote speaker Sacha Berlik of Mexad a few questions about the new data driven marketplace.

Q: Can you tell us about Mexad and what role the company has in the industry?

SB: Mexad’s core team are made up of Ad Exchange Veterans who have worked with exchanges since 2005 as well as Ad Network Veterans who have been in the industry since 1995. With offices in the UK, Germany and Austria (and two more in Q3 2010) mexad is the only service & technology provider focusing on RTB and Ad Exchange bid management in a pan-european scale. We don’t believe that a dashboard DSP is currently able to deliver the complex media solution that agencies need in order to build their own RTB-Operations. Our target is to teach and evangelize agencies on a pan-european level of the different RTB-sources and quality levels...

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