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September 27, 2010 Ad Server Rob Beeler

On Thurs, Sept. 30th at 3 pm, OpenX Chief Technology Officer John Linden will address the AdMonsters OPS conference in a session entitled, The Power of Revenue Serving.  Learn more here.

He’ll highlight the big challenges publishers face today: revenue pressures, sales channel control problems, revenue optimization complexity, growing buyer leverage…and outdated legacy ad technology.

OpenX Ad Ecosystem

He’ll show how the ad server is the most critical part of today’s complex advertising ecosystem. For publishers, it should be the ‘decision maker’ for all digital inventory. It should sort through different monetization options in real time to generate higher yields.

But current systems haven’t lived up to that challenge. The limitations of these legacy technologies have led publishers to look at ad servers as basic plumbing.

"When was the last time an advertiser said they wanted to buy zones? They want content...

Death, taxes, and yield optimization: they’re all inescapable, and each one is about as pleasant as the others. There’s no denying that yield optimization is important, especially for online video ads, which now draw a vast amount of money industry-wide. Still, having your ad operations team spend the entire day looking at CPMs and ad sources is a miserable way to go about it—and even then, you’re probably still not capturing as much revenue or impression fill as you could be.

Consider “fixed daisy chaining,” the way many ad ops teams currently approach yield optimization. Day after day, the team studies ad sources including direct ad sales, ad networks, and other third party sources, and  manually prioritizes them by CPM: Serve from Source A first; if that one defaults, try Source B; if that one defaults, try Source C, and so on. People do it this way because … well, because they’ve always done it this way. But how well does it really work? What if, right after you’ve set up your daisy chain, your sources change their pricing, and Source C now pays better than Source A? That sound you hear is potential revenue leaking from your pockets until you: 1. Discover that...


AdSafe launched an ad verification platform for ad networks and publishers called the AdSafe Network Monitor®. Read the press release. We asked Kent Wakeford of AdSafe a few questions about the new product.

To date “Ad-Verification” services have primarily been used by Agencies and Brands. How do you foresee this product benefiting networks and publishers?
The AdSafe Network Monitor is designed to give Networks and Publishers a holistic inventory management platform with which to view, manage and segment their inventory in order address advertiser’s increasing demands for brand safety and ad-verification.  It is a significant challenge to manage the sheer volume of ad impressions that are transacted on a daily basis and until now, many networks and publishers did not have the right tool set to address their clients’ quality and placement issues. We designed our Network Monitor to provide networks and publishers with the information necessary to take preemptive steps to control and improve the...

September 21, 2010 display advertising Rob Beeler

Ed Montes  to give keynote at OPS USEdward Montes is EVP, Managing Director of Havas Digital US, the interactive network of Havas Media. He develops and leads Media Contacts US and Canada, managing MC staff in New York, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago and Toronto. Prior to Havas Digital, Edward worked at Yahoo! Inc. where he was Director of Special Projects for Yahoo!’s Media, Entertainment, Information, and Finance Groups and the General Manager of Yahoo! Delivers, Yahoo!’s direct marketing advertising product. He's impatient for change in ad operations and is taking his angst to AdMonsters OPS September 30 in NYC, where's he's expected to speak on: When will Online Advertising Evolve?  In advance of the event we asked him about current Havas Digital initiatives and about meeting marketers’ expectations.

Q: What...

Improve  Digital's Market MapPublishers struggling to tell their ad networks from their ad exchanges and their DSPs from their agency trading desks have a new tool to help them keep pace with the sub-sectors of the online advertising world.  In response to frequent customer requests, Improve Digital (the largest European sell side platform, or yield optimiser) has gathered information from its offices and partners in the UK and Europe and mapped the current European online display advertising ecosystem1.

'2010 – Display Advertising Market Map Europe', which includes definitions of the various industry sub-sectors, is available to download for free from:


Digital advertising continues to benefit from sophisticated technology that enables increasing effectiveness.  As a result, more and more players have...

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