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What is the IES? It seems to continue to make more regular appearances at the industry's events, but few people seem to fully understand what it is, and how it will impact their operations. The IES stands for "Impression Exchange Solution" (or sometimes "Standard"), though I would argue as a technologist that the S should stand for "Specification" (more can be read on the IAB site). At its core, the IES is a proposed standardization of a unique tracking parameter added to each creative and the associated file format for daily reporting of these creatives. Of course, to understand why we need this, it's important to understand exactly what the problem is that we're facing and how we might go about solving it. Let's briefly explore the mechanics of ad delivery discrepancy and review what needs to happen in order to truly address it.

Today, when a digital publisher delivers an advertisement to a user browsing...

DataEditor's note: Reposted from the Krux Digital Blog

[On November 9], Krux Digital released the findings of its 2010 Krux Cross-Industry Study.  With this study, we have undertaken a comprehensive review of data collection activities across the industry, with attention to the phenomenon we have referred to as ‘data leakage’ in earlier industry commentary.

The Executive Summary, along with the study’s full findings, are available here.  We have also issued a press release announcing the the study’s publication, which can be viewed here or here.  Key findings include:


TransparencyOver 75% of Americans regularly spend time online. All savvy marketers realize that digital is the fastest growing component of their marketing strategy.

However online media spend has grown at a much slower rate than consumer growth in time spent online, why is this?

There are two clear reasons for the lag in movement of advertising dollars online; one, transparency (or the lack of it) and two, standardization of high impact formats such as video, rich media and full page ads.  In this piece, we will focus on transparency. In a follow up article, we will discuss standardization.

Think Equity has stated that approximately 90% of online advertising is sold through “non-premium” channels which automates the monetization of “remnant” display advertising – which includes ad networks and ad exchanges. Many of these remnant impressions have limited transparency. Typically publishers have pushed back on providing transparency to advertisers as it has caused channel conflict with their internal sales team. In addition...

Mike Leo OperativeYesterday at the IAB Ad Ops Summit I had a chance to speak with Mike Leo, CEO and President of Operative. Operative was the principle sponsor of the event and Mike had just given a presentation about how innovations create operational pain. In his talk he stated that it is way too hard to execute a campaign and it is also way too hard to integrate with partners. His suggestion for companies is to implement a business management system in order to operationalize innovation. He feels companies need to focus on customers and products - not technology.

I sat down with Mike at the conference to discuss this and also to talk about Operative...

Video and SmartphonesYesterday I attended the IAB Ad Operations Summit. It was a packed house which I believe demonstrates how Ad Ops is at the forefront of revenue and top of mind for digital media companies.

Here are some of my key observations and takeaways from the day:

Breaking down offline vs online

Today we are closer to the convergence of media more than ever before. A content provider can send out a message that reaches people wherever they are and how ever they want to be reached.

Donna Speciale, Medivest pointed out in her keynote that when marketers buy network TV they know what they are getting and the same needs to be true for digital. She also talked about how some companies are combining off and online sales teams and eliminating digital silos.

This is such an important change and really signifies how digital is no longer going to be off in a corner of the...

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